About us

The brand Adam Toys has been created to connect what is classic to what is modern and trendy. We wanted to show that classic wooden toys can also be beautiful, can fulfil high requirements. and cope with current trends. What distinguishes them is unique design and functionality.

Our toys are simple in their classical form. Their main goal is to motivate the child, stimulate his imagination and encourage him to discover, instead of reducing him to the role of a passive observer. The child should discover, manipulate, compose, role play, which all leads to having good fun whilst developing his own skills at the same time. The origin of our brand name brings together like the name Adam, the concept of being a first (name) and being basic and recognisable. Adam Toys products are basic toys which should be the first choice of your child.

Modern design means new patterns which are in line with current taste not only for children, but also their parents. This is our step towards those demanding customers who want a toy which develops a child’s skills, is smart and functional. but also fits to current trends and blends into a child’s room. Modern patterns, colors, beautiful packaging – all of this exists so adults also eagerly reach for our toys.

Next, a very important aspect of our brand is using eco friendly materials. Wood, textiles and cardboard are our main materials. We want to teach our children from their earliest years to grow up with an awareness and concern about the environment. They should safeguard and protect our environment in the future, but we should care about it now for our children.

Our toys have different themes and characters. The theme of the first series are forest animals. The second series is called “Children of the world” and they are represented by a pair of children from each continent. The educational value of this series is to learn tolerance and openness to others. The fact that we are different does not interfere with typical play, racing or discovering the world. We want our children to be open to other people and tolerant even when they are different.

Our toys connect the generations…

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